My Hajj Story Contest

What's YOUR Hajj Story?

As Dhul Hijjah approaches, those who have had the honor of performing Hajj are reminiscing and those who haven’t been are longing to. This year, we're releasing a special series, My Hajj Story, featuring our team members as they recollect their favorite memories from the pilgrimage. We want to hear yours, too!

Entry Guidelines

Share a personal Hajj story and how it impacted your life. Be as descriptive as possible. The goal of the series is to create a personal connection and a practical benefit, so be sure to include both the story and the takeaway. Recordings should be as high quality as possible, with superb lighting and sound. Entries should not exceed 10 minutes.

We will share 3 stories with the most powerful takeaways on our platforms! 

Submit your Hajj story: